We wish to introduce our esteem firm SPARTAN PLANET ‘Real Estate’. We are one of the best global real estate company, a subsidiary of Spartan Planet Nigeria, group of company based in Nigeria with vast sectors.

Spartan Planet started in December 2011, with a vision to satisfy apartments and property needs as basic necessity of the entire populace.

SPARTAN PLANET Nigeria is Registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) under the Companies and Allied Matters Act of Nigeria (CAMA). We believe “THERE IS A SOMETHING ‘BEST, FOR YOU” and everyone as we offer valid, most affordable and luxurious apartments, genuine lands, properties, profitable business and investments advice to clients, potential clients and everyone privy to our services, we advise’ do not settle for less, as our team is vast on current trends on apartments, properties and what’s best suitable in relation to your preferences.

• To satisfy your apartment and property needs…

• To take the stress from you, bring you luxury and satisfaction on apartments and properties

• Our organization goes for satisfaction as we value comfort and luxury, to create and make a better economy, accommodation and properties for the entire populace.

We believe in your preferences and we also proffer better options without obstructing your taste in line with your pre-planned budget for luxury, comfort and affordability, having value for less, we are always open to listening and understanding the needs of our clients, so as to deliver the best. We deliver the best in service and values, with the intent of having a long term relationship and service satisfaction with all clients.

General Overview
• To create and make a better economy for the entire populace, by providing a suitable shelter, genuine property, a global platform for easy accessibility to all persons globally in need of an apartment to all.
• Supporting the Nigerian government in creating and making a better economy for the entire populace, through housing and property investment.
• To create a less stressing house and property hunt and save time for the individual group of firms in need or search for diverse purpose.